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Dissatisfaction generally results when one’s expectations are not met. So that there are “no surprises” we will have an agreement with each patient that spells out our commitments and limitations.

Fees and concept of Limited Access Membership (LAM) and annual exam:

  • Principal physician is Stephen R. Richard, M.D.
  • Visits are by scheduled appointments only.

Concept and charges:

– Limited Access Member/Membership (LAM) fee and Annual exam:

  • $850 per adult per year
  • $150 per child per year (must be older than age 5 and requires at least one adult membership)
  • Please read carefully all information contained in this  website

             – Annual Comprehensive Exam (CE)

  • All LAM members must undergo an annual comprehensive exam (scheduled for 75 minutes for adults, 30 minutes for children)

        – Other Charges:

  • Sick visits and Follow-up visits will be scheduled in 25 minute blocks at $50 each.
  • At the Physician’s discretion:
    •  After hours office visit = $85
      • After hours = Weekdays (after 5:00 pm to 8:00 am Monday to Friday); and Weekends (Friday 5:00 pm to Monday 8:00 am)
    • Home visits = $120 (if within 5 miles of the office)
  • All LAMs will have a contact number to use for appropriate phone consultation on a reasonable frequency with the Physician at no charge. Repeated or inappropriate calls, in the Physician’s sole discretion, may result in additional charges and possibly, termination of LAM status.
  • If a LAM is admitted to Saint Mary’s Hospital, the Physician is made aware of the admission and if the Physician is in town he will pay a courtesy visit within 48 hours. If formal consultation is requested by the LAM the charge is $200 for the initial visit and $125 per day thereafter.

Note: Adult principal hospital coverage is through the Hospitalist program at Saint Mary’s named Richmond InPatient Medicine Service (“RIMS”). Child principal hospital coverage is through the Saint Mary’s Pediatric Hospitalist Service (SMHPHS). Both RIMS and SMHPHS participate with most insurance carriers in the Richmond area. Note: If the Physician is in town, and aware of the admission he will be in contact with the attending physician regarding any LAM admitted.

  • Physician time plus other additional incidental office charges may apply, for example: EKG = $50, Procedure tray use = $65 (i.e. a laceration repair), these and other such incidental charges will be available for review (see Incidental Charge List) but will generally be less then the charges seen in an insurance financed primary care office (for example the median charge for an EKG in most primary care offices is greater than $60). Unusual/infrequent healthcare needs will be dealt with by charging for physician time at a rate of $50/25minutes plus a “pass through” to patient of overhead costs (for example: a LAM is in an accident and requires specialized bandages and frequent wound care, the patient would be responsible for the costs of the wound care products plus the physicians time at the above rate).
  • Email correspondence of medical concerns requires a signed waiver regarding privacy concerns by the patient, please understand that conventional email is not secure.  The physician will strive to  respond to email correspondence by patients  within 2 business days from receipt.  URGENT CONCERNS SHOULD NEVER BE SENT VIA EMAIL.  Should there be no response from an inquiry via email within 2 business days, please call the doctor at 804-282-3495.
  • Medical Records: It is the goal of Primary Care Consultants to be as “paperless” as possible. To this end, The LAM understands and accepts that any prior medical records forwarded to the office will be returned to the LAM after the physician has had a chance to review.

Note: All of what has been delineated is for cognitive physician input and time with the understanding that the physician will schedule appointments on a first come first serve basis as his schedule permits. The physician reserves the right to reschedule appointment times, with reasonable notice; exceptional circumstances such as an illness or family tragedy allowing for immediate cancellation. The LAM understands and accepts that the physician has other employment commitments but will give his best efforts to coordinate with the LAM for mutually agreeable appointment time (s). The physician is not committed to any set office schedule but will arrange for Limited Access Members to have telephone coverage either by himself or another clinician when he is out of town, or is unavailable. If, in the judgment of the clinician on call, the patient requires attention that cannot wait until the PCC office reopens then the patient may be referred to another clinicians office (possibly the clinician on call), an urgent care facility or to an emergency room. (Note: in such an event physician care and any other costs at any of these facilities are NOT covered by fees you have paid to Primary Care Consultants, P.C.).

The Basic Bottom line: Adult base cost for outpatient physician cognitive services = $850 per year plus sick or follow-up visits. Note: Lab, X-ray, immunizations, injections, procedures and other diagnostic study costs are not covered. When such studies or interventions are necessary the LAM will be directed, with appropriate written orders, to the facility or lab of the LAM’s choice. All Medicare and Medicaid Beneficiaries must sign an additional contract that states that physician costs are not covered.

Incidental Charges

Incidental Charges are in addition to charges listed on Fee schedule.  Incidental charges may be added or modified at anytime and take immediate effect.  (Example: a new flu test becomes available and is listed/provided, or an existing test or action changes in cost , example: the cost of an antibiotic goes up).

Current incidental charges are:

  1. EKG = $50
  2. LAB Process Fee (i.e sending lab to outside Lab) = $12
  3. Dip UA in Office = $12
  4. * Vaccine or Shot Administration = $12
  5. Laceration Tray Use = $65
  6. Supply Charge for Minor Wound Care = $20
  7. Ear Lavage/Cleaning = $20
  8. Antibiotic/Pain Medicine for Injection = $35
  9. Rapid Strep Test in Office Lab = $25
  10. Legal Consultation = * * range $200 to $300 per hour; * * time for preparation and travel will be added to these rates as well
  11. Returned checks = $50
  12. Missed Appointment/Failure to Give Notice = cost of scheduled appointment
  13. Peak Flow Measurement = $15
  14. Steroid Injection (Knee, Shoulder, Hip) = $55
  15. * Vaccine charge = dependent on the vaccine